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Feb 05, 2010 at 02:34 PM

Workflow to delete travel request needs to be created


Hello guys,

In travel management there is a workflow created for travel request create but there is no workflow for travel request delete.

Now my question is here for travel request create event which is being used is : REQUESTCREATED of object BUS2089, but there is no event provided to delete the request however events provided are

EmployeeTrip.Changed Trip Changed

EmployeeTrip.Requested Travel Request to Be Approved

EmployeeTrip.RequestApproved Travel Request Approved

EmployeeTrip.Created Trip Created

EmployeeTrip.Approved Trip Approved

EmployeeTrip.Cancelled Trip Canceled

EmployeeTrip.Deleted Trip Deleted

EmployeeTrip.PlanApproved Travel Plan Approved

EmployeeTrip.PlanCreated Travel Plan Created

EmployeeTrip.PlanChanged Travel Plan Changed

EmployeeTrip.PlanCancelled Travel Plan Canceled

EmployeeTrip.RequestCreated Travel Request Created

EmployeeTrip.RequestWaits Travel Request on Hold

EmployeeTrip.ExpenseWaits Trip on Hold

EmployeeTrip.RequestSettled Travel Request Settled

EmployeeTrip.RequestTransferredFI Travel Request Transferred to FI

EmployeeTrip.ExpenseSettled Trip Settled

EmployeeTrip.ExpenseTransferredFI Trip Transferred to FI

EmployeeTrip.TransferredFIReset Transfer to FI Terminated

now amongs this events I am trying to use EmployeeTrip.Deleted event but I think it is not feasible for the requirement and for others like EmployeeTrip.Cancelled ,EmployeeTrip.PlanCancelled ,which looks like feasible to requirement but when I am trying to use it workflow is not getting triggered.

Now I don't able to understand which event should I use.

Can anybody please help me out for the same?

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