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Feb 05, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Integration between SRM and Record Management


Hi gurus!!!

I need integrate srm with record management and i haven't any information about this.

I'he found that SRM is integrated with case management instead of record management and in the S_AREA_CMG exits a special service providers for integrate SRM and Record Management like /SAPPSPRO/SP_RECORD (Record for SRM and R/3 Purchasing Documents) or /SAPPSPRO/SP_SRM_PO (Service provider for Purchase Orders from SRM).

But i don't have idea how work this SP for SRM. I would like that you send me any information about this and could answer me some questions:

1. Could the procurement records (/SAPPSPRO/SP_RECORD) create expecial records and have to be associated to any record model?

2. In the RMS_ID= S_CMG_DEMO i could see this kind of record but when i try to create one it doesn't work (don't show the option "Create"), Why?

3. Should I created a normal record and insert the procurement record in it?

4. In the RMS_ID= S_CMG_DEMO i could see a expecial documents "Business documents" and they have SP special for SRM (for example /SAPPSPRO/SP_SRM_CTR for SRM contract. Are this "Business documents" like the business objects in record management? In my record, could i insert a SRM contract using this kind of document in a node?

Please i need you !!!!!