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Dec 03, 2018 at 11:25 AM

SAP Contact Centre - call Recording/GDPR compliance


Our deployment for SAP Contact centre uses a centralised pool of MRS servers based in our data centre in the UK. We have contact centres in many EU countries, that all signal to the central MRS servers. Call recording is not currently activated.
My question relates to call recording. If we activate server side call recording in a country that has specific local laws governing the storage of call recordings (customer data). We would be in breach of the local laws to store those recordings on our central MRS servers.
Can you confirm whether this approach is the correct solution for adding server side call recording:

- On the central MRS server add a specific Virtual unit/Module for each country which has a recording path to a local in country file share.

Will this approach work? How does an agent/phone call get associated with this Module so the recording is saved on the correct share ? Is this association built in the Location settings by adding the Recording MRS module for this country to the location MRS allocations ?