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Dec 03, 2018 at 08:29 AM

OData V4 DEEP Create


Hi SAP Gateway Community,

Currently I'm working on SAP NetWaver 7.50 SP07 where OData v4 is supported. I understand that not all features of OData v4 are supported but according to SAP Note 2322624 the "DEEP Create" is supported for entities.

The DEEP creation is simple: between two OData entities we need to create a navigation and using that navigation name we could provide a deep *.json input data for POST request:


POST: /sap/opu/odata4/iwbep/tea/default/iwbep/tea_busi/0001/TEAMS

"Team_Id" : "",
"Name" : "New Team",
"ID" : "16",
"ID" : "17",
"ID" : "8"
} ]

During the execution of such a POST request I get the error:

"The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request"

Debugging deeper I found out that the OData v4 parsing is trying to read such a .json data and during the reading the link data the parsing executes interface method /IWCOR/IF_OD_EP_READ_LINK~ON_READ_CONTENT where its implementation class contains only one line:

RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE /iwcor/cx_od_not_implemented.

Now my questions are: Does OData v4 support DEEP create (according to SAP note it should)? If it does, Do I do something wrong with .json input body or maybe there's a special OData handling for DEEP creation?


Best regards,