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Dec 04, 2018 at 04:11 PM

[SmartForm] With a dynamic page break, the main window of the page to display is not displayed.


Hi guys,

Here is my problem :

I have 3 pages on my SmartForm:

  • FIRST-> NEXT page
  • NEXT-> NEXT page
  • LAST-> LAST page.

My goal is to display the LAST page in the last position of the form, if I have one (only FIRST) or multiple pages (FIRST, NEXT) displayed.

To do that I added a dynamic page break with the command node"Transition to the new page: LAST", which I added in the last sheet of the node of my main window in the FIRST page.

It works but not quite ! , The LAST page content is well displayed if it is in a secondary window but since it is in the main window, the smartform does not display the content and displays a blank page output.

Do you have tracks? thank you ! (ps: sorry for my english)