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Feb 04, 2010 at 10:02 AM

Transaction launcher: open URL in new window


Dear all,

I know many threads have already been posted about "stateful URL" created with transaction launcher, that open a new browser window AND navigate to an empty screen with the following text (which is more than useless):

"The requested page has been opened in a new window, please press back button to go back to the last page."

Carsteen gave some useful hints already in the following thread:

Transaction Launcher in a new window

But maybe someone found something new since then... At the moment I'm thinking about "simulating" a clic on the BACK button (like mentioned in this useless message), with something like :

  history TYPE REF TO if_bsp_wd_history_manager_disp.
  history = view_manager->get_history_manager_display( ).
  history->go_back( ).

Any better idea ?

Thanks & regards,

Nicolas Busson.