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Feb 04, 2010 at 08:17 AM

VA41 Create Contract with reference - Change VBPA



i search and try a lot but without result.

I want to create a contract with reference (VA41). The reference is a quotation and contains one-way-customers (CPD).

At the moment I use the copy routine (991[original:001]/992[original:002]) to make a popup where the user can choose a new customer for each CPD customer.

My problem is that the address data for the customer are still copied from the manually entered data in the quotatation. But I need to get the data from the customer master instead.

I tried the user-exits in include MV45AFZZ. Propably I forgot an update indicator or something else? In my case the update indicator is set to I (Insert).

I tried to change the adressnumber ADRNR too.

I don't want to do a manually select and fill the addional date (street, name,...) by hand. I want to get the additional data from the customer master automatically.

Thanks for help,