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Dec 02, 2018 at 05:12 AM

Dangerous Good Description Maintenance error


Hi Experts, while trying to maintain dangerous goods description I am getting error "Characteristic not assigned to phrase set features phrase check function."

I have followed below steps

1. Created Phrase Key using transaction CG12

2. Created Phrase set and assign it to Phrase Key PDGNUD

but I am not sure what and where I have to make changes in Phrase set to attribute assignment . In tables and structure I can see only two tables CCIHT_ANML and DGTM2. Under DGTM2 I can see only one field

ISDF_CERTIF while in my DEV environment I can see many other fields under same table . How to get additional fields where I can assign phrase set PDGNUD

.also I don't know if there will be any negative impact of executing Adopt Standard Specification Database structure and will it help resolving my issue .

Kindly guide me with the next steps so that I can maintain DG good description in classification view.