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Dec 01, 2018 at 06:02 PM

Removed few Users from a BPC Team . There is a issue with the BPC Web Admin and EPM Addin


Hello BPC Experts,

I am facing one issue. I removed few users from a Team.

For examples User A has access to Teams: A,B,C and D.

I removed the user A from Team A.

Now the BPC Web Admin --> Security> Users ---> displays the correct roles which the user has.

When the user tries to login into EPM Addin he doesn't see all the roles.

For example he has access to profit centers : 1000,2000,3000. In the BPC web admin it shows correct access. In the EPM Add In it shows only one profit center like 3000.

I tried to clear the cache,refresh the met data,etc. Still the EPM Addin shows a different DAP where as the BPC Web Admin shows the correct profit centers.

I think it happened after I removed the user from the team in the BPC web admin GUI.

Is there any program to run and make in sync between EPM Addin and BPC Web Admin or do I have to regenerate the profiles for the user in PFCG. Please advise. Thanks for the help in resolving this issue :-)