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Nov 30, 2018 at 09:25 AM

Oracle 12c (with LogMiner) replication to ASE 15.7 setup


I think I am missing something really stupid within the configuration of RAO.

Oracle 12c Enteprise Edition installed with LogMiner (checking existence of user transactions in V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS),

RAO 15.7.1 SP211 setup (test_connection = succeeded for both PDS and RS).

RS 15.7.1 SP306 with connection (REP AGENT=Awaiting Command) + replication definition + subscription, but when I use "syadmin dump_queue", I see only the same "activate subscription" operation in both inbound queue of RAO and outbound queue of ASE.

I think either RAO does not read the Oracle Log, or it does not pass transactions to SRS. Is there any way to check these two steps (to see that RAO knows about transactions from Oracle)? Something like "dump queue" in SRS?

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