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Feb 03, 2010 at 08:16 AM

Message no. M8535


Dear Experts,

I'm trying to cancel an invoice document via t/code MR8M.

I entered inv. document no., fiscal year 2009 & reversal reason as 02. System not allow to cancel this document error below:

Allowed posting periods: 02 2010 / 01 2010 / 12 2009 for company code 3100 and date 31.05.2009

Message no. M8535


The posting date entered does not lie within one of the allowed posting periods.

There are two possible reasons for this:

The correct current period is not configured in the system.

The first of the specified periods is the current period for the system. At the start of a new period, the system administrator has to use the function "Close periods" to change the current period in the material master. This has not yet happened. You have entered an incorrect date in the field "Posting date".


Check the posting date and correct it if necessary. If your entry is correct, inform your system administrator that the period closing program has not yet been run.

- For you info posting date in invoice document is 31.05.2009. Is that anyway we can cancel this document. plz guide me guru. TQ