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Former Member
Feb 03, 2010 at 05:02 AM

Bex Web iViews via SAP_LocalSystem



I have a Bex Web iView and it works fine connecting via system alias 'SAP_LocalSystem' to a connector object I have defined. This connector does not have the alias attached to it.

What I cannot understand is how the iView is determining that this is the connector to be used. The system is not defined as a BI Master, it is not defined as type SAP_BW it does not have the alias SAP_BW nor even pcd ID .../sap_bw.

I know it's using this connector because if I change the connector client, it affects the Bex iView. From my tests, the connection is broken if I remove the alias based on the Logical Name of the BI system i.e. BIXCLNT200.....But how does my portal know that this logical name refers to the BI system?