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Feb 02, 2010 at 10:08 PM

ERMS Rule failed


Hi Gurus,

I have a simple rule of Routing emails but it got failed. I do not understand what went wrong. Please check the below log and let me know what exactly went wrong.

Processing policy Z_CRM_ERMS

Reading policy:Z_CRM_ERMS, context:ERMS, variant:4C185A4B55789E51E10000000AFEC80C

Processing rule container Routing ( 8873684B406A3D4DE10000000AFEC80C )

Processing rule ( 8973684B406A3D4DE10000000AFEC80C )

Uncompiled Rule: ORC9185A4B55789E51E10000000AFEC80CE6F06340F1991D0BE10000000A1550DEEQUALSXCompiled Rule:

xpath address:/parts/ORIGINAL_RECEIVER/text()


Rule evaluates to TRUE

action added: ROUTE ( GROUP = S:50000629 )

Processing rule container Auto Acknowledgement ( 8A73684B406A3D4DE10000000AFEC80C )

Processing rule ( 8B73684B406A3D4DE10000000AFEC80C )

Uncompiled Rule: AND197C604B8E73F312E10000000AFEC80C8A2ED53F41EDBB56E10000000A1550DENCONTAINS

Compiled Rule:

Exception in method EXECUTE : An exception of type 'CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR' occurred, that was not caught anywhere in the call hierarchy. It was not handled locally or declared using a RAISING clause. at: CL_CRM_ERMS_XMLTREE3==========CP : CL_CRM_ERMS_XMLT

Exception in method execute(CL_CRM_ERMS_SERVICE_MANAGER) : Service RE_RULE_EXEC failed. General Exception at: CL_CRM_ERMS_RULE_EXEC=========CP : CL_CRM_ERMS_RULE_EXEC=========CM001 : 136

BOR: returned from Service Manager