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Feb 02, 2010 at 08:23 PM



Hi Guys,

Have a question at hand which needs help!!!.

I have a list of meaterials with associated meaterial number.(say I have 20 meaterials)

I need to find the Meaterial BOM's(transaction cs03)- the root BOM,which contain one of these list of meaterials,

condition being(need BOM'S where)

where MARA-matkl = 'xyz' OR knvv-kdgrp = 'abc'

Is there any Function Module or class functions to do this.If not what is the best way to proceed..

That is to say in short,

-Have to loop through these 20 meaterials one at a time

-Find the Meaterial BOM's which contain the first meaterial satisfying the condition.

-Store all the BOM's containing this meaterial in a list or so.

-loop to the 2nd meateral and find the BOm's containing the 2nd meaterial and so on.

Any help is appreciated...