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Former Member
Feb 02, 2010 at 08:17 PM

gATP wrong allocated quantity in case of partial delivery or item rejection


Dear Experts,

we're currently working on an gATP solution (ECC > SCM 5.0) which works fine except for following issue for which i kindly ask you for your great support:

- When i create a sales order for 100 TO, the quantity is properly assigned in the respective CVC in APO. (Allocation shown in /SAPAPO/AC42)

- Creating a delivery for this SO for maybe 70 TO does not influence the allocation (Allocation still shown in /SAPAPO/AC42)

- Goods issue does not influence allocation -> so far so good ... until now i can always see the order and allocation of 100 TO in /SAPAPO/AC42. I cannot see the delivery in AC42 whereas i can see it in RRP3

- Canceling/Rejecting the sales order item (no delivery for left qty) does release full 100 TO in APO instead of 30 TO which seems wrong as this impacts the whole product allocation (would be easy to create an order for 101, deliver 100, cancel order and have all volume available again). Same happens if partial delivery flag on shipping tab is set to B

- If i undo the cancelation, the system allocates only 30 TO in APO again (diff. between SO qty and delivered quantity) -> seems incosistent and wrong

For me, i would expect following behaviour:

- release only the delta between order qty and delivered qty when rejecting the order


- when creating the delivery, it should reduce the allocated qty of the SO to 30 (rest/open qty) and create a new allocation for the order for 70 to. Doing so, the rejection of the SO would correctly release 30to

i would really highly appreciate your input!

Thank you,