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Feb 02, 2010 at 04:38 PM

SP10 - multiple approver problem with CUP


We have SP10 (patch 1) in our development system and cannot move forward to production because of a real show stopper. I have currently reported this to SAP thru an OSS message (and it is in development) but would like to know if anyone else is having this issue with SP10. (this happened even before applying patch 1)

We have multiple approvers when creating NEW users or CHANGING users in CUP. We have it configured to allow just one of the approvers to approve before going on to the next stage. Since we put in SP10, CUP is requiring ALL approvers to approve the request before going on to the next stage. We get the following message when one of the approvers approve the request: Request no: 5020. is approved, pending for other Approvers.

I've seen this reported for UAR and SOD but not for CUP. In fact, there is a fix for UAR in Patch 1 of SP10. I applied this patch but it hasn't fixed the CUP issue. I also don't have the issue when rejecting a CUP request, or when approving it through the configuration --> Request --> Administration screen (what I consider the Back-door since only security administrators get the configuration area).

Thanks for your input.