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Dec 03, 2018 at 09:31 PM

Multiple Planning Variants using Planning Strategy 54 and VC



We use Variant Configuration and I have created 2 planning variants and configured them as to have 1 different value in one characteristic, the rest of the configuration matches. Both PVs are configured using the same configurable material with Planning Strategy 54 on the MRP3 Tab of Material Master. I can only get my Planning Independent Requirements (PIRs) to consume against my first PV... even if I configure my sales order to match my second PV. Any advice as to how to get my sales order to consume the PIR it's configured to match? I read in the Planning strategy 54 SAP Documentation that you can set Characteristics as not relevant, optional, or required for planning. I can not find documentation on how to set this preference although. I am hopeful this may be the problem and direction on how to set a characteristic up for planning will fix.

thanks in advance.