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Feb 02, 2010 at 03:07 PM

DMS Connector for KM - index issues - single sign on


We are at EP 7.0 SPS 14 with an ECC at 5.0.

I had our basis install the BP DMS ConnectorKM 1.0 and then the support pack BPDMSCONN01

I wound up with two repositories being created one called dms and the other dmsrm. The dmsrm repository is working fine and we are seeing the expected data. The problem comes in with searching the dmsrm repository. We receive logon errors when trying to create the index. We use single signon. I found note 686776 referencing problems loging on to ABAP though KM which is my problem exactly (Caused by:$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Name or password is incorrect. Please re-enter)

When I went to index_service to put the ABAP user id we want to use the System drop down does not contain my ABAP system.

Here are the Potential reasons listed in the error box

  • The selected principal does not have end-user permissions for the system.

  • The system's logon method does not require any user mapping data for the system (such as "SAPLogonTicket" for a system that is not the SAP reference system). This is true - do I create another system and not enable logon ticket?

  • The system's user mapping type is not set correctly or not set at all.

  • There is no system alias defined for the system.

  • There is no system landscape registered, for example, the one contained in Enterprise Portal.

Any guidance on how to get my ABAP system to display in this drop down?


Description:DMS Repository Manager

Prefix: /dmsrm

Repository Services: Not set

Property Search Manager:

Versioning Manager:

Security Manager: Not set

ACL Manager Cache: Not set Windows Landscape System:


ReadOnly: YES

ShowClassification: Yes

ShowObjectsLinks: Yes


StorageCategory: DMS_C1_ST

SystemAlias: SAP_R3_QWA