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Feb 02, 2010 at 02:32 PM

Transmission status mismatch in datasource 0BBP_TD_SC_1 (SRM Analytics)



Following is brief summary of the issue:

General Business Process

Shopping Carts are created and ordered on a daily basis. we are using Extended Classic Scenario the follow on document is typically a local Purchase Order. For reporting purpose the data (SC and also PO) are extracted to BI. An initial extraction has been done and thus data is extracted using delta extraction to BI (every 8 hours)

Issue summary

For Shopping Carts a follow on document for all items is created (thus the technical status I1113 u2013 u2018Follow-on Document Createdu2019 is set for all items). Now the SC is extracted to BI, but there this status (I1113) is only displayed for some item, but not for all items (e.g. status I1113 is not set for item 1, but for item 2 &3 or status I1113 is not set for item 2, but item 1 &3).The issue occurs for all kind of SC, independent on the number of items (has been seen for SC with just 1 item, but also with 18 items and in between). The result is that there is a mismatch between SRM and BI. The document status is set correctly in the SRM database, the issue happens only for the data extraction. It works fine for the initial extraction, the issue above only occurs for delta extraction. Also issue is happening only in production system. Not able to replicate in quality or developement system.

Any suggestion or clue how rectify the mismatch status.