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Feb 02, 2010 at 02:29 PM

Dataslices, planning sequences and IE Cache



This is our issue.

The client's budget process are supposed to be made in Integrated Planner. When the budget is set they want to lock the finalized budget version. The final version is always called B99.

I have created a dataslice in IP Modeler that locks B99 in the cube.

In the planning template there are two buttons, one for unlocking the dataslice and one to copy the exsisting budget version to a B99-version.

To begin with, the dataslice is locked. Then I click the "unlock" button and according to the warning and information messages the Planning Sequence for unlocking has been run. I then check table RSPLS_DS in SE16. I can see that the dataslice is now inactive.

Then I press the next button to copy my present budget version to a version called B99. The Planning Sequence fails refering to a locked dataslice.

If I close and restart the template I can press the copy button and everything's working fine.

It seems like the "lock-value" of the dataslice is cached during runtime and even though it is removed in the backend I will need to restart the application in order to get the updated value in my template. Why?

Is there any way that I can reload or refresh the template automatically when the unlock-sequence is done?

Is there any way that the end user can empty the cache without restarting the entire application?

Thank you!