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Feb 02, 2010 at 09:36 AM

How to delete customize Implementing Class for CL_EXM_IM_FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK


Hi All,

I used se19 to create Enhancement Spot : ARC_FI_DOCUMNT to ZARC_FI_DOCUMNT, and I created a BAdI ZFI_DOCUMNT_CHECK from FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK in ZARC_FI_DOCUMNT, then I implemented a Implementing Class ZCL_EXM_IM_FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK for method IF_EX_FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK~CHECK_FOR_ARCHIVING.

Finally, I deleted ZARC_FI_DOCUMNT and recreate ZARC_FI_DOCUMNT by T-Code SE19 for testing, i found Implementing Class ZCL_EXM_IM_FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK program still in the SAP, but I can't delete this Implementing Class & Program.

How can I delete program & customize Implementing class ZCL_EXM_IM_FI_DOCUMNT_CHECK In SAP?

Best regards,