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"is not a component of data object" '_WI_OBJECT_ID'

I use an ABAP class to implement a task with a workflow. Within the class I want to use data of a Business Objekt (BO). Therefore I have defined the following static Attribute SS_IMAGE:

When I open the binding of the task and the activity, I can see the BOR object in my class (see the right hand side of my picture). When I enter the binding between the BOR object IMAGE of the activity container and the BOR object SS_IMAGE of the Task, I get the error "SS_IMAGE is not a component of data object '_WI_OBJECT_ID'".

Nevertheless I can save the binding and when I run the syntax check of the workflow, no error occurs. Furthermore during run time the INSTID of the IMAGE is transfered to the attribute SS_IMAGE.

So what does this error message wants to tell me? What am I missing? How to setup the binding in a way, the error does not occur?

We are on NW 7.50, SP004 and I have read the Q&A of Abdul

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3 Answers

  • Nov 25, 2016 at 09:14 AM


    Can you please try like this . At the time of decalration c_image , declare it like Data with Occurs 0.

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    • Hi Anjan,

      I think, that the declaration of the constant resp. the variable is not the problem. When I choose IMAGE on the left side and open the dropdown box on the right side, SS_IMAGE is highligthed green. To me this means, that the system has regognized it as compatible.


  • Nov 25, 2016 at 09:24 AM

    hi Peter,

    I assume at the time of binding everything is activated. Can you place a watchpoint on this message ( sy-msgno = message number) and see at what point it fails.

    Also check OSS since this could be an error.

    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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  • Nov 28, 2016 at 04:56 PM

    Finally I have to say, that it was my mistake. In the METHOD bi_persistent~lpor you have to define the typeid, which is the class itself. Here I made the typo. During the ckeck, the binding parser checks both: The DDIC name and the typeid given in the method.

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