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Feb 02, 2010 at 07:53 AM

Recovery of solvents in process industry


Dear All,

We have a scenario where say methanol is a raw material for producing item X and during this production process some quantity of methanol is recovered which will be recirculated with fresh methanol in producing item X. At some point of time this recoverd methanol will no longer be suitable for reciculation and so it will be sold out. Also make point that cost of raw material for producing item X is the total consumption of methanol (fresh +recovered methanol used as i have already mentioned recovered methanol will again be used in production process in place of or along with fresh methanol) for process order) multiplied by price of the fresh methanol .

Please provide solution to how to map this scenario. what material with what material types are to be created and what will be the excise register impact.

Thanks and Regards,

Mukesh Agrawal