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Feb 02, 2010 at 06:37 AM

validate long text in PO header



Is there a way to validate/check long text in PO Header, for example, Delivery text?

I want to check that user should only create long text with maximum 100 characters per line.

The reason is in PO form, delivery box length is 100 (only as example) characters per line while in ME21n/ME22n, long text is 132 chars per line.

This limitation will cause the text to be displayed not in the same positioning as in delivery long text field.

Example :

Long text In PO

Text example ... bla...bla..bla.. last 132

2nd Line ... bla..bla..bla

Delivery Box in PO Form

Text example ... bla...bla..

bla last132

2nd Line ... bla..bla..


As you can see, in the PO form, the layout will not be very nice.

The delivery box in po form itself already maxed and can not be extended anymore,

Please share your experience on the similar issue. Thank you.