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Former Member
Feb 02, 2010 at 05:46 AM

SAML SSO implementation issues


Hi All,

We are in the process of implementing a SAML based SSO solution between a CRM system and a portal system.

In this scenario EP system will be the Identity provider and CRM system is going to be the Resource provider.

Issue -

For the same we have done the necessary settings in VA for CRM Portal as well as EP. Now the issue that we are facing is that when we are not choosing the option of fallback mechanism in VA, we are getting an error as below -

Stack trace of log message with ID "0017A47740080030000000EB0000381A00047E216937A9E8" written to trace

[EXCEPTION] <--Localization failed: ResourceBundle='',..

On the other hand when we choose the fallback mechanism as 'User id and Password' then we donu2019t get any error message, but the link that we want to access does ask for UID and PWD on accessing, hence the concept of SSO doesnu2019t get implemented here.

Seems we are missing something here in configurations part.

Pls. do guide us for the same.