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Feb 02, 2010 at 12:43 AM

Email notification for SDCR and SDMJ


So for ChaRM we are using both Transaction Types, SDCR and SDMJ.

SDCR for creating a CR.

SDMJ for change document.

Now for each Transaction Type i'd like to create Actions (within custom Action Profiles) to generate an email to the "Change Manager" Business Partner when a CR is created. Then after it's approved, i'd like to send an email to "Current Processor" and "Change Manager". How can i get the emails to be sent out to both Business Partners?

Also, I'd like the email to go out when there's an update to the Cycle Status. What field/column do i use for that?

I looked at the blogs on SDN but it did not answer that.

Any suggestion/input is highly appreciated.