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Feb 01, 2010 at 04:10 PM

WAD 3.5 - Quesiton about List Value



I have a web template with 2 querys

1)QUERY "A" (take data from Multiprovider 1): Use 1 variable associated to "CLIENT" Characteristic

2)QUERY "B":(take data from Multiprovider 2): Use 1 variable associated to "CLIENT" Characteristic

In the infoobject configuration (CLIENT) - Business Explorer TabSheet:

Query Execution Filter Val.Selection = Only Posted Value for Navigation.

My problem is :

When i executed the reports individually, the initial filter with it corresponding matchcode works fine; i mean only show the Client that are posted, but when i executed the Web Template, the filter shows all the values for Client Characteristic (posted or not posted in the query)

How can i solved that behavior in WAD ??