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Not able to import MECORE dependency

I am not able to import MECORE 15.2. Its failing with the attached LOGS.

All other SCA files i am able to import successfully except SAP MECORE

Size of MECORE SCA file is 300+ MB.

I tried to set the icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB=1073741824 in Default.pfl file and restarted the server but still i am facing the same. Is any other config missing or required.

My Netweaver version is : 7.0

PFA the logs sap-mecore-import-error.txt

Any help will be really appreciated.

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1 Answer

  • Dec 01, 2018 at 04:09 PM

    Hello Gaurav Sahay,


    i.m.h.o., this parameter icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB is not the only one which impacts the communication between the DTR and the CBS. If I were you, beforehand, I would have tried a more general approach (than changing directly this, and only this, ICM parameter - and especially in the DEFAULT.PFL - this means all of the other instances, if any other, of this AS Java cluster, would have been influenced by this new value of the parameter).


    Firstly, please consider what is installed on this Server Box as usage types of AS Java. Please do not neglect the official mandatory requirement for installation of PI/XI . PI/XI/PO MUST be installed on a separate server box - this is valid for any kind of role of the AS Java - Development Test or Production. In other words, if you do have any PI SCA deployed on this AS Java where the CBS and DTR are - then please ensure you have stopped all PI/XI related services when you trigger this import. I would continue even further - ensure nobody and nothing else but NWDI processes (and the J2EE core) are running - f.e. you can stop BI, EP, even MII if it is on this system during the import of this MECORE SCA.


    Next thing to consider is ensuring the database statistics, where the DTR is, are up-to-dated. Communication problems could occur not only due to the size of the imported files (as far as I remember the number of DCs in MECORE is not that big as in ESS.SCA, so it is possible the database performance to not be the best). I would recommend to update the statistics of all of the tables, but if this is not possible, then I would recommend, at least, the statistics of the tables starting with dav_, pvc_, ims_ . In this way, the performance should be improved significantly.


    Only when there is no other unnecessary (for the build process) activity on this server box (ensure nobody/nothing else is using the server resources)

    there is no database performance issues,

    and yet, the import of MECORE fails - again with the same error,

    ONLY then, it is a good idea to start improving the communication channels - f.e. ICM .

    In case the DTR and the CBS are on a different server boxes, then also you need to consider updating the SAP web dispatcher parameters (of course if there is such a device on the way of the communication DTR - CBS).

    3.1. I would recommend to start with the recommended ICM values, as per the Operating System where the CBS runs. More details in SAP note:

    737625 - Parameter recommendations for Internet Communication Manager (ICM)

    3.2. Next, you could try increasing further the ICM parameter as per recommended values for high load:

    2007212 - Tuning SAP Web Dispatcher and ICM for high load

    3.3. If even these parameters are not enough, I would recommend to use these:


    icm/keep_alive_timeout = 7200

    ICM/conn_timeout = 10000

    icm/server_port_X = PROT=HTTP, PORT=5xx00, TIMEOUT=60, PROCTIMEOUT=9000

    icm/max_conn = 22500

    icm/max_sockets = 22500

    icm/req_queue_len = 9000

    icm/min_threads = 100

    icm/max_threads = 300

    mpi/total_size_MB = 750


    * in 5xx00 xx is the number of the AS Java instance. But you know better which is the HTTP port.

    So far, in my experience, these values have been enough to transfer any load in the CBS. Yet, your case could be the first one when these are not enough :) (it'd 've been a quite ironic fact - especially considering the fact such case is reported 11 months after 7.0 is officially out of support :) )

    3.4. Anyway, if these parameters are not enough then they should be increased further. Yet, this could not continue to infinity, because in some moment the HTTP communication would just be impossible. Also, please consider to return the values of the ICM parameters to their initial ones, because these impacts the communication to this system.


    It is a good idea to monitor the CBS during the import. In case of performance problems, there should be Dirty DCs. In case the build process advancing with direction to a successful completion, the number of dirty DCs should decrease with time. If not (the number of Dirty DCs stays unchanged, even with days), then something else (and quite general) is causing this import to fails.

    Let me know of the outcome - no matter what.

    Good luck & my Best Regards,

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