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Feb 01, 2010 at 01:04 PM

Error with SAPServiceConnector


Good morning,

I would like to open an access, for sap support, to one of our server.

For a colleague of mine it works perfectly.

This means that the vpn and saprouter seems to be well configured.

When I launch the SAPServiceConnector from my web browser I have an error.

The sap trace file indicates:


  • ERROR file opened at 20100129 161800 Europe de l'Ouest, SAP-REL 710,0,125 RFC-VER 3 1016365 MT-SL

T:2240 Error in program 'SAPServiceConnector': ======> SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 > Connect to SAP gateway failed

Connect_PM DEST=o01, GWHOST=/H/, GWSERV=sapgw01, SYSNR=01

LOCATION SAProuter 39.2 (SP4) on 'sapserv1'

ERROR sapserv1: route permission denied (129.194.x.y to, 3301)

TIME Fri Jan 29 16:18:01 2010


COMPONENT NI (network interface)


RC -94

COUNTER 763449


1. Could you please tell on which "component" the permission denied is located

2. At the end, on the support web server from Sap, it is written that the connection is established.

Does this mean that every thing works for the oss connection even so I got an error?

Thanks in advance for your answer.