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Nov 28, 2018 at 03:29 PM

Create a new variable in webi as SUMIFS() in excel


Hello everyone,

I'm a bit stuck with the creation of a formula.

I have a first dashboard with 1 column for a product dimension, 1 for the total sales (all clients included) and 1 with an measure (variable) saying "Yes" if the client distributes the product or "No" if not.

From this Table, I want to create a cross-table Client x Client with a single measure as follow:

For each combinaison Client 1 x Client 2 , Sum the Sales of the Client 1 where Client 1="Yes" and Client 2="No"

In excel I can do it with this formula


Is there a way to do it in Webi ? I can't find a solution.

Thank you for your help



1.png (9.8 kB)
2.png (5.1 kB)