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Feb 01, 2010 at 08:29 AM

Fixed rate for currency not fixed in the PO



In me21N, when we create an order for a different currency than the company currency, the defaut rate appears in the header. This is normal.

There is a possibility to fix the rate (the box to tick just next to the rate) : in this case, the same rate will apply in the invoice, even if defaut rate has been changed in the customizing

-> Can you confirm this ?

We have a case where a user, set a different rate than the default one (because of a negociation with the vendor) and tick on "fixed". The issue is that when the PO is saved or released, the default rate erase the one entered manually !

-> Is this the normal behaviour or a system error ?

-> Is there any standard way to not refresh a manual entry by the default one ?

Thank you,