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Feb 01, 2010 at 03:33 AM

Question about work flow


Hi Experts,

Now my requirement is to enhance a existing custom workflow, according to track original program, I found a related workflow FM in original program like below. So I use SWDD to search this object 'TS97000065', but system told me 'Single-step tasks cannot be inserted with this function'. so I guess maybe this object 'TS97000065' is a task id. but I still can't found anything in PFTC. So I have two questions on this.

1. Who can tell me how to found this object 'TS97000065' in SAP? What's it?

2. Whether a single-step can be trigger in a service without workflow? If yes, whether we still can see a workflow item in our workflow Inbox?

task = 'TS97000065'.

call function 'SWW_WI_START'


creator = creator1

task = task


wi_id = wi_id


agents = agents

deadline_agents = deadline_agents

excluded_agents = notification_agents

notification_agents = excluded_agents

secondary_methods = secondary_methods

wi_container = wi_container

comp_events = comp_events


id_not_created = 1

read_failed = 2

immediate_start_not_possible = 3

execution_failed = 4

invalid_status = 5

others = 6.

Thanks in advance!