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Jan 31, 2010 at 10:10 PM

problem when creating a transport request



I copied productive BR3 to test BR1 system(it is a BW3.5 system). Test BR1 existed also before(only the main client was 003).

Now main client is on both 001(I do not know if this matter). I replicated with transport controller and everything went fine.

When I want to create a transport request I have problem "Extended transport contrl is not active . Cannot specify target client". when I wannt further explanation I get:

"Extended transport control is not active: Cannot specify target client


Extended transport control is not active. This means that you can only release transport requests for the following transport targets:

Target group

R/3 System without specifying a client


Change the transport target of the request by removing the client (for example, "C11" instead of "C11.010").

The simplest way of doing this is to use F4."

When I use F4 for "Target" field I get "BR3.001" as only option. If I choose BR3.001 I get above message. If I use "BR3" I get "BR3 is not a consolidation target". For further explanation I get :

"BR3 is not a consolidation target TK658


Transport target BW3 is not configured as a consolidation target of this SAP System. If you do not stick to configured transport routes, you may cause inconsistencies between the SAP Systems in the system landscape.

If you use extended transport control, you also need to specify a configured target client.

If the configured consolidation target is a target group, you also need to specify the target group as the transport target, if the target group consists of a single target system, or a single target client.


Choose a configured transport target, or change the transport route configuration in the Transport Management System.

What to do?