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Jan 31, 2010 at 07:11 AM

Wrong Recon Account Foreign Vendor_Reg


While creating Imported Vendor from MM side wrong recon account (pertaining to domestic vendors -- ex 801) has been incorporated in the vendor master instead of correct recon account (pertaining to Foreign vendors -- ex 901). MIRO and KZ documents have been posted. When the user tried to clear the documents error message "Ex.rate diff. accts are incomplete for account 801 currency USD MSG NO.F5063' has come.

801 --Domestic Vendors Recon Account

901-- Foreign Vendors Recon Account

Both debits and credits in the present Vendor are equal.

If I go to OB09 and maintain the wrong recon account (ex 801) and give the same accounts for forex differences which were already given for (ex 901) I hope user can clear the balances in vendor without getting the earlier error msg. Later when the balances are cleared I can remove the Recon Account (801) from OB09 entries since it is for domestic vendors.

Now I can go to Vendor Master and change the recon account to 901 since all the balances are cleared.

Now is it necessary to define adjustment account for changed reconciliation account in the above case in t.code OBBW? If not defined what is the impact?

Is the above procedure correct and can be followed?