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Jan 30, 2010 at 11:53 PM

BPF, Data Region and Data Manager



a similar question has been asked several times in this forum, but I can't find a suitable solution for my problem.

I have a BPF with a data region defined by Entity, Time and Category.

In this BPF, I have created a task that runs a specific DM package. In particular this package is intended to clear data and comments for the same region defined above.

When I have created thistask, in the 'Define Actions' of the BPF, I have specified in the current view that it should inherit Entity, Time and Category from the data region.

So far so good. However... the DTS package to work,it currently needs manual input from the user as it asks him for time, category and entity (I used the PROMPT command). So basically the user has to type twice the same info, at the beginning of the BPF and when it executes the DTS task.

How can I setup the DTS to do the same job but inheriting the members of the three dimensions directly from the BPF data region? Are there variables where those info are stored?