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Jan 30, 2010 at 06:27 PM

BPM scenario question


Hello all,

I have a scenario: which will require a BPM, it feels pretty straight forward, but im running into issues as i start the development of the BPM, I would appreciate your help in guiding me:


> Webservice call from an application to PI.

> Depending on the content of the request PI must make a sync call to ECC(AND/OR) BI systems

> Once response is received from the target system, PI shuld combine the response and send it back in the response to the application.

I would like to know what all steps need to be defiend in the BPM.

Currently im thinking,

1. Recv step - Open S/A bridge

2. Transformation step - (I don't knw if i am right here)

3. Recv determination

4. Block ParFrEach - Send sync

5. Transformation outside block

6. Send response to application.

Can someone correct and guide me please?