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Hello Experts,

Actually our functional consultants doing transaction VL09. While doing this we are getting an error "Reversal not possible,accounting document for the reference does not exist"(F5A009).


Either no accounting document exists for reference document BKPFF 50000867 XXX12016 XXX010, or the document has already been archived.

System Response

Reversal is not possible.


If the document has already been archived, retrieve it from the archive.

How can i rectify this issue?? how to retrieve archived documents... please help me...

Thanks & Regards

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  • Hi Sachin,

    I suggest you edit your question to add "ABAP Development" as a secondary tag. However, more importantly, I recommend you show what you've done to solve this issue already. For instance, "not found" sounds pretty self-explanatory, so surely you're not asking what does this mean? You need to include a lot more detail about your situation. For instance, what environment are you working in, and what is the scenario in which you are executing this function module, and what more technical detail about the error you are getting can you provide? You may find after writing all of that out that you solve the problem for yourself.


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