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Jan 29, 2010 at 05:23 PM

Client Copy: recover using backup controlfile



We recently upgraded from Oracle 9.1 32 bit to Oracle 10.2 64 bit. I had a process for doing a quick and simple client copy from one box to another. This was a process that was given to us by one of the SAP tech we had on site when upgrade to R/3 Enterprise x200 (we are currently rinning that on 64 bit Win2K3 x64 platform).

The basic process was to backup the datafiles, oralog (and mirrorlogs) and the SAPARCH folder. Wethen restore the information to the target system. We create the control files by backing up the souorce controlfiles (alter database backup...) and we then take and edit the file to match the system ID of the target system.

This has worked great for the last 5 years, but when I try to follow the same basic process I get a error that eventually leads to a message that I need to use recover database using backup controlfile. When I tr running that command it suggest using a log file that does not exist. If I try to use and existing arcive file I get the message that it belongs to the wrong database. I have tried numorous suggestions and everything I can think of. Somewhere in the process some thing changed in Oracle and I can't put my finger on it except for the fact that I how have an ORAARCH folder. When I look bat a documentation and such for the previous system the only difference I see is the old system does not have the ORAARCH folder and the log files and archive files are held in the SAPARCH folder.

I'm looking for any insite that some minght have on how to recover the database so I can finish the rest of the client copy process, creating the neccessary users, granting authorizations and cleaning up various items one the target system once it is up and running.

Gale S.