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Jan 29, 2010 at 04:04 PM

Error with product costing



we have a problem with our cost run this month (Feb 10) which I hope someone can help me with.

we have 58 error messages which quote the following:-

'credit Z12 for key date 20100201 not defined

Yet when i double click on this line to provide me with more information, and then click on the customizing icon to take me into IMG, it gives me the following options

Internal orders:- maintain calculation procedures

Internal orders:-Define credits

Overhead rates > costing sheet components > define credits

When I click on the above above, I get an ABAP runtime error

(alternative menu path which takes me to the same area:- controlliing > product cost controlling> product cost planning> basic setting for material > overhead > costing sheet component > define credits

Any idea why this is happening?

Is this the correct place to set up the Credits that the product cost run is requiring

I would have thought that most errors with product costing you, an entry would be required straight into a table in the live environment, rather than in development and transported thru.

I would actually have thought that if any errors would have occurred it would have been last month, the 1st month of the new calendar month, and not the second month

Please advise

(please note - I am an SD configurer who has very limited knowledge of how product costing works)

many thanks