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Jan 29, 2010 at 02:46 PM

How to create file in SM35 without a LOCK DATE?


My name is Rich and I am new to the community and if I need to be directed to some place else let me know. I am trying to automate my postings to General Ledge, but have a problem. I create data files from the mainframe that a ABAP program (consultant wrote) processes and if the data passes the edits then a file is created in SM35 for me to post. The problem is the file in SM35 is in a lock status. MY QUESTION is - What is causing the lock date? Is it in the ABAP program somewhere? Or is it in SM35? or is it in some administration program for SM35 that says any file created is automatically set to the LOCK status. When I run the ABAP program the file created in SM35 has the LOCK DATE as the current date.

I don't want a lock date when the file is created for SM35

Any help would be appreciated.

Rich Jacobs