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Nov 29, 2018 at 02:54 PM

Date hierarchy YQM not available in live-connection



I´ve currently an issue that I can´t use a drill-down from year to quarter to days when using a BW live connection.

My BW query contains the field 0DATE as free characteristic.

I´ve created live a model based on this query.

Then I wanted to use the model in a simple bar chart.

I added the field “Datum” which is technical field “0DATE”.

The result is one bar per day.

The intended visualization should show year by default as dimension.

Then the user should be able to drill down to quarter, then to month and finally to days level.

Unfortunately I have no option (as you can see in the screenshot above) to select any hierarchy in the dimension "Datum".

The field is recognized as date field because the option “Filter by Range …” is available, but I can´t select the desired hierarchy.

Please consider, that this is only the case when I´m using live-connection (no issue with models based on import).

Has anybody a hint why the time hierarchy (YQM) is not appearing?

Thank you in advance!




image1.png (52.1 kB)
image2.png (45.9 kB)
image3.png (67.7 kB)
image4.png (51.5 kB)
image5.png (124.3 kB)