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Jan 29, 2010 at 11:34 AM

Unsupported keysize or algorithm parameters Error


Dear All,

I have configured SFTP sender adapter(Seeburger).

i am getting Unsupported keysize or algorithm parameters [java.lang.SecurityException] Details: polling: Could not connect to remote host for listing of directory.; error in the channel.

Steps i have done:

1. I have imported the server certificate into a View which i have created.

2. I improted the same certificate into TrustedCAs as well.

3.I checked the JCE Policy jar file and its Unrestricted Strenth version as i am from india by default it allowed it seems.

above are the things i have done and checked. still i am getting Unrestricted Keysize or alogorithm error.

Please help me what is creating this probelm.

I am using WINSSHD for SFTP server.

Waiting for replies,