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Jan 29, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Error in cl_bp_combo_job --- cl_tc_multifan_net_task method add_task


I try to creata a Job with objects.

I use class cl_bp_combo_job and cl_bp_abap_job

data: cljob type ref to cl_bp_combo_job.

data: clsinglestep type ref to cl_bp_abap_job.

create object: cljob type cl_bp_combo_job.

cljob->set_name( i_name = 'Job1' ).

clsinglestep = cl_bp_job_factory=>make_abap_job( ).

clsinglestep->set_report( i_report = 'ZTEST' ).

cljob->add_task( new_task = clsinglestep ).

Is generated an exception for Add_task.

I found an error in class cl_tc_multifan_net_task method add_task.

Row 40 / 44

insert tasknet_wa into tasknet.

the right code i suppose is

insert tasknet_wa into table tasknet.

Do you know others class or methods to create a Job?