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Former Member
Jan 28, 2010 at 08:50 PM

Partial Prompts


I am trying to create a report that prompts a user for a Serial Number...

That part is easy enough... but

Some of the serial numbers will start with 6767 or 4439 or 2767 etc...

The whole serial number would be 6767958343300033232

So I want to have the prompt take 6767 as the in put then return all of the serial numbers that start with 6767.

Here is what I currently am using

{TJS01.SN} = {?SerialNum}

I tried {TJS01.SN} = {?SerialNum*}

{TJS01.SN} = {?SerialNum}*

{TJS01.SN} = "{?SerialNum}*"

None of which work....