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Jan 28, 2010 at 04:03 PM

BUPR_BUP does not appears as option in SWEC(bor objects to launch Workflow)


Hi all.

I configured a workflow in SAP CRM 7 to be executed when changing an employee for one BUPA.

The problem I have is trying to add the object to the SWEC to launch it.

I can select BUS1006, BUS1006005...but these objects only become usefull to launch a workflow when you change a general data field (BUT00..). But not BUT050 (employees relactionships for one BUPA).

I found two objects to use for this issue: BUS1006003 (business partner employee relationship), and BUS1006012 (Business PArtner , contact person, comercial employee relationship).

I tryed to include them into the SWEC list, but that´s not posible . SAP gives a warning message "type business object it´s not compatible with BUPA_BUP object". That´s true, I started debbuggin that transaction to understand where the checks where done, and if we take a look at TCDOB table, the correct object to select for BUT050 modifications should be BUPR_BUB.

I founded this object everywhere in internet, but if I look for it to write it at SWEC , this object isn´t available.

If I save it anyway, ignoring SAP warnings, workflow is not launched.

Finally I understand my problem is that I should user the object BUPR_BUB instead the BUPA_BUP for this kind of modifications and acess to BUS1006003, but I don´t have this object to select it a SWEC.

I just have these options:












So, how can I launch my workflow to work whith employees for BUPA ? I ´m starting to believe is not posible.

Thank you very much in advance