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Jan 28, 2010 at 03:35 PM

GL Migration - Related


Dear Experts,

I have few qestions on the New GL Migration and its strategy. I need your expertise on these questions:

1) My client plans to switch over to New GL starting from 1st April 2010 which is start of new fiscal year. They would like to keep open the their books of accounts till mid May 2010 by which they would be able to close FY 2009. Can we activate the NEw gl functionality on 1st april and allow business to post transactions in the New gl tables and subsequently do a migration once they finalise their account?

2) Will the decision to have splitting documents have any impact on the stratety to migrate post going live on New GL?

3) Does it cost to get the Migration tools from SAP? If yes, what is the support we expect to get from SAP?In order to get Migration tools from SAP,

4) Is it possible to take the document splitting activity later during the fiscal year and perform the splitting for all document that were open on 1st April and documents posted in New GL upto the date of doc split activation?

5) Any other considerations that should be kept in mind during the migration/New GL go live

Looking forward to get your expert advice.

Thanking you,

Balaji Jaganathan