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Jan 28, 2010 at 01:51 PM

Grant Master field group control based on authorization - hide fields



The Grant Master field group control settings are based on grant type settings. So you can hide fields and tabs etc based on the grant's lifecycle status.

Does anyone know if this can be configured based on authorization objects / authorization roles?

We wish certain fields to be hidden in all life cycle statuses for all general users, but for central finance users we wish those fields to be visible.

There is a customizing transaction GMS103 in the SPRO/IMG path

IMG > Public Sector Management > Grants Management > Grantee Management > Master Data > Grant > GM Grant Control : Field group for Authorizations

The documentation for this transaction says:


GM Grant Control: Field Group for Authorizations

It is possible to group fields together for authorization purposes. Use this step to specify such groups in Grants Management (GM).

Standard settings

We deliver the groups you can enter here, as standard.


Choose New Entries and enter the ID for the group you want to add. When you save, the system displays the longer description for the group.

Further notes

Authorization to a group allows access to all the fields in the group for users with the appropriate authorization. Only allow access to those you know need it for the whole group.


This table is empty on our system. Has anyone used this part of the customizing and can they let me know how it links into the basis roles / authorizations etc.


Paul Abrahamson