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Missing references after import from SAP HANA Repository

Hi there,

I tried to import models from SAP HANA repository to Powerdesigner via functionality "Reverse Engineer".

So, I connected to my HANA repository without any Problems and the packages loaded correctly. I selected a package to see the included "Calculation Views" and selected at least one object to import it into the Powerdesigner. Afterwards, I have to select Schemas in part "Catalog Tables" from the Wizard. So I selected 2 Schemas to see the included tables and views.

But for me it's strange as I always see all the tables and views after selecting the schemas. So, it seems that the former selected object in "Calculation Views" went ignored. Why I had to select it before as this Information isn't used in the upcoming Screens of the Wizard?

In my opinion, I should be able to select only the tables and inherited sub-calculation views and afterwards just Import These related object. Otherwise, I'm not able to Import all my calculation views step by step and integrate it to my tree in Powerdesigner.

For me, it seems that I'm just able to import the whole model with all the calculation views in one step and break it down afterwards in Powerdesigner.

Furthermore, the references between the object are missing in Powerdesigner. Are there those issues known to you when importing from HANA repository?

Hope that you can help me out about my topics.

Thanks & kind regards! Tommi

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