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Nov 28, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Batch-wise automatic packing of secondary packing material is not happening(SAP 1709)


Hello Experts,

We have business scenario where number of finished goods are packed in cartons(Primary packing) and loaded on pallets(Secondary packing). We have created 2 packing instructions where in first packing instruction, material is packed in carton. The second packing instruction has pallets and first packing instruction which is assigned to access sequence. The automatic packing is working correctly.

There is specific business requirement where batch split happens at the time of delivery. For each batch there should be separate primary are creating nested packing instruction for multilevel packing.

As per automatic packing proposal, materials are getting packed as per batch at primary packing level. However, secondary packing is done without considering batch split. We need to consider secondary packing as per batch.

At delivery item category level, we have unticked Pack accumulated batches / movement type item indicator in item category split.

Kindly guide on configuration setting or routine needs to be developed. We are working on SAP S4 hana 1709 version.