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Nov 27, 2018 at 02:54 PM

sapdbctrl using wrong user



I have a problem with the sapdbctrl part of saphostagent (721 PL40). Every minute saphostexec forks a new process which polls the HANA database with DB user X:

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapdbctrl status <DBSID> -P -f cimobject -T 1 -t HDB -H <DBhost> -u X -p - -i HDB02

This is obvious also from dev_sapdbctrl :

[PID 109466] SQL STMT: CONNECT to database <DBSID>@<DBhost> with user X

I have changed the user to Y according to OSS note 2023587 but the sapdbctrl still uses the user X even after deleting all entries in the hdbuserstore and creating the entries manually as per note 1625203. Reinstalling the saphostagent results in the same issue. Currently the hdbuserstore on the DB host as <dbsid>adm looks like this:

hdbuserstore list

DATA FILE : /usr/sap/<DBSID>/home/.hdb/<DBhost>/SSFS_HDB.DAT

KEY FILE : /usr/sap/<DBSID>/home/.hdb/<DBhost>/SSFS_HDB.KEY


ENV : <DBhost>:<DBport>


According to the documentation the sapdbctrl should use the <DBSID>SAPDBCTRL key in order to connect to the database. I also tried to create SAPDBCTRL key which did not help either.

Furthermore the sapdbctrl does not respond well when being called from the command line:

./sapdbctrl -H

This program is not supposed to be used in this way

Thank you for your support.


Lukas H.